Addressable TV is the hybrid between traditional and digital TV adverts. An advertising format that maintains the TV commercial's high quality coupled with the opportunities of delivering 1:1 communication to individual households, and directly targeting your advertising at whoever is relevant. Addressable TV makes it possible to make unique data-enriching media purchases across TV 2's strong quality content and is an advert format that offers both a high quality and a top-class viewability.

The product Addressable TV is delivered on TV 2 PLAY's live signal in advertising blocks and on-demand content as pre-rolls. Here, TV 2 can offer targeted advertising on any device that can show TV 2 PLAY, including smart TV, Apple TV and smartphones.

As an advertiser with Addressable TV, you can target your advert based on:

  • Specific target groups defined by classic demographic variables such as gender, age and geography.
  • Background of content categories across the whole of TV 2's extensive content catalogue.
  • Own or third party data – for example, based on emails from a customer database or the ability to specifically target users who have visited specific pages on the advertiser's website.

Addressable TV is the product that can target the exposure in selected target groups and among people who no longer have a TV package, and are therefore a strong supplement to your TV campaign, or as an independent activity if you want to try the TV medium as a new communication platform in a comprehensible and cost-effective way.

When compared with providers of web TV and video on social media, TV 2 offers Addressable TV a product of high quality in format and delivery. You are guaranteed that your advertising will be shown to real people, that the advertisement will be watched until the end and that the placement will only take place around TV 2's known quality content.

The advert format follows the same specifications as on TV.

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