SPLIT-SPOT consists of two spots that are related to each other in their creative design, and must be placed in the same advertising block. The total price for SPLIT-SPOT is calculated using the price for each of the spots, plus a 5% surcharge (basic price +/- surcharge/deduction). The surcharge will be added to the price of all SPLIT-SPOT airings in a campaign.


MULTISPOT is characterised by two or more advertisers appearing in the same spot, and that there is no natural connection in the spot. The price of this type of spot is calculated using a surcharge of 15% of the basic price of the individual spot. TV 2 Reklamesalg determines whether this is a case of MULTISPOT. For more information, please contact TV 2 Reklamesalg.

We reserve the right to make immediate changes – including reservations for printing errors, price changes and out of stock items.