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TV 2 Reklamesalg offers advertisers the possibility to enter into annual agreements. An annual agreement is a written agreement between the advertiser and TV 2 Reklamesalg concerning the advertiser's expected revenue on the purchase of advertising space in a calendar year, across TV 2's platforms. An annual agreement ensures the advertiser enjoys all the benefits associated with the agreed annual revenue already from the first campaign. Advertisers entering an annual agreement with TV 2 Reklamesalg, can include the following as revenue:

  • Advertising time on TV 2
  • Advertising time on TV 2 Regional
  • Advertising time on TV 2 ZULU
  • Advertising time on TV 2 CHARLIE
  • Advertising time on TV 2 FRI
  • Advertising time on TV 2 NEWS
  • Advertising time on TV 2 SPORT
  • Advertising time on Addressable TV
  • Advertising time on Online Video
  • and Mobile
  • Sponsorship


2021 offers customers particularly attractive conditions when entering a timely annual agreement with TV 2. These conditions are included in the negotiated CPM prices that will appear in the annual agreement and concern the elements below.

  • Pricing on exposure packages
  • Extraordinary season fee
  • Fee for timely booking of exposures
  • 40% Primetime (5.00 pm. to 11.00 pm.) guarantee on exposure packages

The above-mentioned elements are only applicable for agreed revenue stated before the deadline of 23 February 2021 at 5:00pm. Customers who have not entered into a timely annual agreement are not eligible for the above contractual elements.


Advertisers entering an agreement with TV 2 Reklamesalg by 5.00pm on 23 February 2021, are offered to make all or part of the annual agreement amount irrevocable. On the part of the annual agreement that is made irrevocable, an extraordinary 2% cash discount is offered. The extraordinary remuneration for the irrevocable revenue lapses if the advertiser does not realise the agreed irrevocable amount. If an advertiser thus agrees on an annual agreement of DKK 2.5 million, and they make DKK 2 million irrevocable, this will be renumerated with 2% of DKK 2 million. If the revenue of the DKK 2 million is not achieved, the extraordinary renumeration no longer applies. It is the full extraordinary remuneration of 2% – both the part that is paid as a discount and the unpaid part – which will be post-invoiced to the advertiser if the irrevocable amount is not realised. In 2020, the cash discount will only be paid out on the traditional flow TV products included in a national annual agreement.


The prerequisite for entering into a Group agreement is that the Group/parent company owns 51% or more of the group-related companies.

We reserve the right to make immediate changes – including reservations for printing errors, price changes and out of stock items.