When SPECIFICS or Exposure Campaigns are bought on TV 2 the advertisers are given a guarantee for that individual campaign. On the SPECIFICS purchase, the expected Exposures (18+), of a given spot, are closely linked to the pricing, and the guarantee ensures the advertiser the delivery of the number of exposures ordered. If the campaign does not achieve the expected number of exposures, TV 2 Advertising Planning will place the remaining exposures guaranteed by the guarantee in direct connection with the campaign. If different spot lengths have been used in the campaign, the compensation is calculated using the spot price index. If the campaign is unable to continue after a certain weekday, it will be indicated in the comment box in TV 2 Medialink, also for the purpose of placing any compensation spots at the end of the campaign.


In 2021, the bank will be used only in the event of underdeliveries and adjustments. Transfers to the bank for underdelivery must have a minimum value of 2000 DKK, and amounts less than 2000 DKK will be annulled. Bank holdings must be used no later than 30 November 2021, and only underdeliveries occurring in December 2021 may be transferred to 2022.

Deposits in the TV bank cannot be transferred to TV 2's digital bank.

All bank holdings applied to campaigns in 2021 will be deducted from invoices


If a campaign is running continuously for the same company TV 2 it is considered as one campaign, regardless of whether multiple products have to be advertised or different commercials are used. In the case that campaigns are not setup under these guidelines TV 2 Medialink, reserves TV 2 the right to merge the campaigns. If there is a break in the campaign of over 21 days, TV 2 this is defined as a new campaign with a new campaign number.


Exposures are calculated on the basis of the viewings that have been made live or time-shifted in up to 7 days after the date of broadcasting. As a rule, campaigns will be calculated 8 working days after the campaign has ended and include live and time-shifted viewings until this day. Views on other platforms than TV also count as TV.

We reserve the right to make immediate changes – including reservations for printing errors, price changes and out of stock items.